Who is Dark Dug of Doom

Hi, I’m the Dark Dug of Doom. My real name is Doug Chapman. (Before you ask, yes, I do have a slightly odd sense of humor.) You can just call me Dug or Triple D…whatever. I’m the evil drawer/painter half of Dragon’s entwined. My favorite medium is pencil or pen sketches painted using good ole’ Photoshop. I also co-create the stories Neesa writes. I just can’t write by myself (as you may be able to tell by this clumsy introduction).

My biggest inspiration in life (and occasionally my model) is my lovely wife Neesabear. My influences are sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and all things weird.If I could make a statement with my art it would be, “don’t be judgmental, and beauty comes in all forms shapes and sizes” (Technically that was two statements, I know. I’m just crazy like that).

I hope that my art and stories find a deserving and appreciative audience.

Dark Dug of Doooooom


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